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How to choose the vertical type or horizontal type dough mixer?

How to choose the vertical dough mixer and the horizontal dough mixer?   The vertical dough mixer is suitable for making dough such as bread, while the horizontal type is suitable for making steamed buns, because the horizontal dough mixer is difficult to fully expand the gluten due to its slow stirring speed and physical effects, it is usually pressed by a dough sheeter to help the gluten combine. The mixing speed and mechanical structure of the vertical dough mixer can directly make the gluten fully expand during mixing.   If you want to start a business of Chinese-style pastries, HARGSUN horizontal dough mixer is very competitive price, and the horizontal dough mixer can mix the dough from 15kg up to 150kg, which is easy for your starting business.   Now let's recommend a hot-sell dough mixer, it is a fully automatic two-speed double-acting type dough mixer with luxurious and beautiful appearance. It adopts two high-power motors with sufficient stirring power and good dough mixing effect. microcomputer touch panel control, simple operation, working time setting and operation are clear at a glance. The barrel is made of 201 thick stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable.   Of course, as for making good products, whether it is bread, cakes, toast, and other baked pastries, or Chinese-style pastries such as steamed buns, it is most important to choose a right dough mixer, not only the function but also the suitable capacity.