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Company News About Happy Mid Autumn Day
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Happy Mid Autumn Day

Latest company news about Happy Mid Autumn Day


                                                               Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2022


When the Mid-Autumn Festival coming, many people may think of moon cakes as a delicacy. Eating moon cakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival has become a custom among the people. The round shape of moon cakes is very similar to the round moon, which symbolizes reunion and happy. 


If Chinese moon cakes present a dignified and classical appearance, then Western-style moon cakes outline a modern attitude.

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Making a perfect mooncake , it needs many steps,which starts from Mixing dough, kneading stuff, rolling dough, filling stuff, embossing the pattern. From the selection of ingredients to baking the moon cakes, every process should be carefully. In this case, you can choose the Hargsun spiral dough mixer to Kneading the dough and the food mixer to make the stuff, after that Hargsun dough sheeter can roll the dough with good appreance dough film to wrap the stuffing of mooncake. Our bakery equipment is very popuar to the cake shop and catering,even some home bakery. 

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Enjoy the mooncake with your family, may the glow of moon suround you and enlighten your way to health, happiness and prosperity.